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Difficult, Bowman and New York Passes

Difficult Pass seen from the north (the upper section of the Difficult Creek valley). Difficult Pass seen from the north
Approaching Bowman Pass from the north. Jay is the small figure nearing the pass summit. Approaching Bowman Pass from the north
Bowman Pass seen from the south, the Bowman Creek side. Jay descending on the faint trail. Bowman Pass seen from the south
The southern approach to New York Pass. Southern approach to New York Pass
Final approach to New York Pass from the south, showing the cairn and pole marking the summit. Final approach to New York Pass from the south

Here's a short section from the book that the publisher decided to remove. I guess he felt it didn't propel the story forward. It was one of my favorite bits, though, so I couldn't totally let it go.

Picture Romeo and Juliet sharing a romantic hike up Longs Peak.

Romeo: Ah, my stomach groans so, shall we stop here for our mid-day repast?
Juliet: Why, Romeo, it is but half eleven, we have not yet gained the boulder field.
Romeo: Surely, you know how I have trouble keeping my pace when my blood sugar gets low.
Juliet: I acquired for you the finest of snack bars and with my own hands created a wholesome trail mix -- these things I made available to you earlier this morn. Perhaps such a snack would help to revive your failing energy.
Romeo: Was I supposed to pack those myself?
Juliet: Here, my love, have one of mine.

. . . and later
Juliet: Listen my love, the baleful wind does moan, and I spy snow pellets against my sweater!
Romeo: Wonderful weather, this, the stuff of romance and legend.
Juliet: But Romeo, can you not see that I have goose pimples and am starting to feel quite chilled?
Romeo: Ah, my sweet Juliet, let the glow of my love keep you warm.
Juliet: Id rather let your fleece jacket keep me warm, my dearest.
Romeo: But then, what should I wear? Surely you have your own Goretex jacket to don.
Juliet: You know that jacket makes me feel fat. Foresooth, I have left it in the Subaru.

Updated: April 16, 2010