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Graham Pass

The Grizzly Lake trailhead -- start of the hike to Graham Pass from the west. Grizzly Lake trailhead
The Graham Pass ridge and Grizzly Creek valley as seen from the Grizzly Lake trail. The pass is not visible in this picture but, the tree in the center points to its general location. Graham Pass ridge and Grizzly Creek valley
A portion of the unmaintained trail climbing the last slope to Graham Pass. What appears to be a post marking the pass is actually a mountain goat. The pass is marked only by a large cairn. Trail leading to Graham Pass
View of Grizzly Peak above the Grizzly Lake basin from Graham Pass. The lake isn't visible in this picture. Grizzly Mountain and Grizzly Lake from Graham Pass
Snow Buttercups. Snow Buttercups
Updated: April 16, 2010