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Grassy Pass

Fancy Lake trailhead -- the start of the hike to Grassy Pass via Fancy Pass. Fancy Lake trailhead
Blodgett Lake (center) below the Grassy Pass ridge, as seen from Fancy Pass. Treasure Vault Lake is near the bottom of the picture and Missouri Pass is out of the picture to the left. Blodgett Lake from Fancy Pass
Missouri Lakes trailhead -- start of the hike to Grassy Pass via Missouri Pass. Missouri Lakes trailhead
Looking north down the Cross Creek valley from the low point between Treasure Vault and Blodgett Lakes. Cross Creek valley
Parry Primrose on the Cross Creek trail. Parry Primrose on the Cross Creek trail
Looking back toward Fancy Pass from Blodgett Lake. Note the Cross Creek trail on the right that descends from Treasure Vault Lake to the Cross Creek valley. Fancy Pass from Blodgett Lake
Grassy Pass ridge from Blodgett Lake. The pass is distinguishable by a lighter-colored gully and a small patch of snow on its right side. Grassy Pass ridge from Blodgett Lake
Looking up toward Grassy Pass from directly below. Grassy Pass from directly below
View to the east from Grassy Pass. Note Fancy Pass (the wide V-notch across the valley), Treasure Vault Lake, Missouri Pass above Treasure Vault Lake and part of Blodgett Lake close below the pass. View east from Grassy Pass
Intimidating sign for 4-wheel drive road to Holy Cross City. We've hiked up that road, and the sign is no joke. Only specially modified vehicles will be able to drive all the way to the ghost town. Sign for road to Holy Cross City
Updated: April 16, 2010