Crossing the High Divide -- Web Interface

Hermit Pass

Hermit Pass Road. The snowbank at right center was still blocking the road to vehicles in the second week of July. Hermit Pass Road
Jay enroute to Hermit Pass. Jay hiking to Hermit Pass
Jay posing in front of a saddle that was not Hermit Pass. Jay on the road to Hermit Pass
Eastern approach to Hermit Pass. Eastern approach to Hermit Pass
Looking west toward the San Luis Valley from the summit of Hermit Pass. View to the west from hermit Pass
Rito Alto Peak from Hermit Pass. Rito Alto Peak from Hermit Pass
This trail short cuts the road a bit and helped us to avoid a large snowbank just below the top. Trail that bypasses the road near the summit of Hermit Pass
Updated: April 16, 2010