Crossing the High Divide -- Web Interface

Red Mountain Pass

Gate blocking South Fork Lake Creek Road, marking the border of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area and the beginning of the hike to Red Mountain Pass from the east. Gate blocking South Fork Lake Creek Road
The old mining road that leads to the pass can be seen cutting across the gray hillside in the distance. Road to Red Mountain Pass
A portion of the cribbing shoring up the old road. Road cribbing
Ptarmigan we spotted on our way up to the pass. Ptarmigan
Closer view of the final section of road to Red Mountain Pass. Road to Red Mountain Pass
Jay laboriously kicking steps across one of the snowfields that blocked the road. The spot where the road emerges can be seen on the left side of the picture. Kicking steps across a snowfield
The same ptarmigan on our return trip. Can you spot any of the 6 babies that have erupted from underneath her protective wings? Arrows on the next picture will help Ptarmigan with babies
Arrow assistance in spotting baby birds. There is probably at least one more baby in this picture that I can't see -- Jay and I counted at least 7 at the time. Arrows pointing to baby ptarmigan
Updated: April 16, 2010