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Sallie at the end of a week-long backpack in Chicago BasinWho the Heck is Sallie?

In this day and age, where everyone and their dog loves to share their deepest and saddest with the world through blogs, Facebook, etc., I find it surprisingly difficult to force information about my less than extraordinary life on others. Still, perhaps you want to know a little more about the person who's writings may guide or have guided (or, perhaps, failed to guide) your feet en route to a high pass.

I've been fortunate to live in Colorado since the age of three. It took 3 years at an out-of-state university to find my passion for the Colorado mountains. What could be better than living where I most want to play and playing where I want to live?

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Sallie at the trailhead for Taylor PassEnough of that. Here are some facts:

Taking notes on Yvonne Pass

On Yvonne Pass

Jay at the Beartown trailhead

Jay at the Beartown trailhead

On the trail to Comanche Peak Pass

The trail to Comanche Peak Pass

Below Storm King-Silex Pass

Happily descending from Storm King-Silex Pass


The Bobbin collage -- best dog ever

Ben and Sallie, June 2009

My son, Ben

Updated: September 19, 2010