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Wetterhorn Pass

Wetterhorn Peak from Wetterhorn Basin. A climber standing on top of Wetterhorn Peak is too small to see in this image. Wetterhorn Peak from Wetterhorn Basin
The south shoulder of Wetterhorn Peak -- my first guess at the location of Wetterhorn Pass -- much too far to the north of the actual location. South shoulder of Wetterhorn Peak
My second guess at the location of Wetterhorn Pass -- this one was too far to the west. Crossing this unnamed pass took me into the valley that would eventually lead east to the real pass. Second false pass
Startled elk on the south side of the pass pictured above. It was at this point that I had the heart-sinking realization that I was not where I thought I was. I chose not to follow the trail seen across the valley as it was climbing south and Wetterhorn Pass was now directly east of my position. Startled elk
A joyous view -- the real Wetterhorn Pass. Wetterhorn Pass from the west
Updated: April 16, 2010